Body Butters, Creams, Salves & Scrubs

A variety of skin solutions: butters, Hemp CBD salve treatment & body cream, scrubs, creams.

CocoaNog Body Butter

[Awesome for moisturizing skin, scalp & hair]

Hemp CBD Blue-Chamomile Butter

[Great for body massage & moisturizing skin]

Citrus-Mint Butter Cream

[Ultimate combo of citrus & mint leaves essential oils &
butter that nourish dry & rough sking]

Mango-Mix Body & Hair Butter

[OMG! Your skin needs this mango-miracle that's
a natural remedy for dry skin, eczema issues & roughness]

Whipped Almond Body & Hair Butter

[Experience supreme moisture, softness & nourishment]

Whipped Pumpkin Body & Hair Butter

[Pumpkin seed oil & butter is another natural repair
& healing solution for dry, cracked, inflexible skin]


Hemp CBD Salve 

[for muscle aches, pain, cuts, bruises, massages & feeling anxiety symptoms]


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